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Interest/Obsession from 07/07/2001

Okay, you spend lots of time on the web doing research, getting information about important things, doing work, shopping, finding reviews, writing reviews, etc...

What do you do when you don't want to do anything productive?  You want to play some games?  Want to do something useless, want to read something funny?  You've done all your work, but don't want to sign off, why?  Because your addicted to the internet.

Now I know there are many more sites than I've listed, but you do have to go back to work eventually, and I won't be responsible for you being fired.

Well I've got some links to sites for you to visit, with some blurbs about what you find on said sites.

Perpetual Bubblewrap Peep Research Cyber "Camera"
Are you one of the people who like to pop the bubble wrap?  Well, here ya go, pop away.  Just be warned, the bubbles will unpop, so you have to pop them again, and again, and again. You know those yellow little marshmallow duck-like things that you get at Easter?  What happens when you freeze them, or heat them, or put them in alcohol?  This site is hilarious. Hee hee hee, go on, take a picture of yourself.  Hope you like how it turns out.

I love Bacon

Kaleidoscope Painter Balls
Juvenile humor for grown-ups.  Signs, pictures, and a bunch of "Priceless" pictures. You can make pretty kaleidoscope pictures here.  Its fun, and its a waste of time. No, this is something fun.  You can change the colour of the balls, and watch them move.  Kind of like the kaleidoscope, just with balls.
Damn You Autocorrect People of Walmart  
If you text a lot and use a touch screen phone, most of you have encountered some form of "auto correct", where if you are typing quickly, you might not notice.  This site has a bunch of these listed, and some of them are very funny! I kind of hate to put this up, but I have seen some funny pics here.  This is a website that has a collection of pictures of people (and what they are wearing) while shopping at Walmart.  You might have received some of these pictures via email from your friends, well, this is where they got them.  
Game-Land Flipside Pogo
You can play some good shockwave games here.  You have to register to play, but it's free. There are tons of games to play here.  You can play alone, or play against others all over the world.   Many games available to play here, you do have to join, but it's free!
Game Twist Big Fish Games Shockwave
This place is fun, there are quite a few online games to play here, most of them require 2 or more humans (no playing the computer).  Most of the humans playing are not from the US, most are from Europe.  Another place to find games.  They have online and download games available.  The download games you do have to purchase, but 99% have a hour long free trial.  I like to play the free trials to see what I do and don't like.  They offer at least one "new" game every day, new being new to the site. Yet another place to find games.  They offer up about 4-5 new games once a week on Tuesdays.  If you are a member of Shockwave Unlimited, you can play all the new games with no time limit, otherwise, you get the hour free trial.

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