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Why do I feed this way?

I started to research this diet when I got my dog. She was not interested in any of the dry dog foods that I bought. I would put it down, and she would eat some, then leave the rest. She did not enjoy her food. So I started looking around for other alternatives because she was losing weight.

I have always shared my food with my cats. Whatever I would eat for dinner, they would have for desert. So the thought of feeding raw foods did not strike me as "dangerous", or "unhealthy". I didn't subscribe to the idea that dogs should have nothing but dry/wet dog foods specifically formulated for their age group. To me, a person who enjoys all kinds of food, this seemed very boring and not at all enjoyable.

I also heard all of the theories about dry dog food being the best for a dogs teeth. "They need the hard food in order to scrape the tarter from the teeth." Yet after all of this talk, I still saw dog after dog being brought in to a local vet for yearly teeth cleaning. If dry dog food was so good for teeth, why did these dogs need yearly cleaning? (And why was their breathe so bad??)

After I started feeding the diet, I noticed that I kept getting comments on my dogs teeth, they are sparkling white. It is the crunching of the bones and meat that helps scrub away any tarter formation from the day before. My dog is 3.5 years old, and her teeth look like a puppy's (aside from their size).

Now although I do not feed my cats all BARF, they are fed part BARF, and part dry cat food, their teeth are great looking. One cat is 3 years old, and the other is 14 years old, and neither have had to have a teeth cleaning.

I also believe that this method of feeding is more healthy for them. I take them to the vet for their annual exams, and their rabies shot, that is all. I don't need to take them in for allergies, or for any of the other common problems that many pets suffer from.

All in all, I save money on pet foods and vet bills, and don't have to take out time to keep bringing my pets to the vets. I am able to spend that time with my animals. My pets are happy, and I am happy





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