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Goldfish are wonderful creatures.  They are fun to watch (especially when eating) as well as soothing.

I am not going to write about goldfish, as I am still learning, and don't want to write something wrong.  I do however have some good links on goldfish care.  There are many more good site on fish and goldfish, but I have listed only those that I have looked at so far.  I will continue to post more links as I look around the web.  If there is a great site that I haven't listed yet, please feel free to let me know.

Just for the record, I have 3 goldfish ... two oranda's, a red cap named Linux, and a chocolate named Pug.  I also have one comet named Patch.  I'll get pictures of them once I figure out how to take a good picture of fish.


RK Aquaria RK Aquaria Discussion Forums Goldfish Home Page
A very comprehensive site that contains all sorts of info about freshwater fish keeping. The discussion forums at RK Aquaria are my favorite forums about fish to visit. This is the goldfish homepage at
Koi Health & Disease  Goldfish Connection The Skeptical Aquarist
Information about Koi health and disease.  For beginners as well as experts. All about goldfish.  Excellent site where you'll find info, as well as where you can purchase some lovely fish (expensive). Has info about freshwater aquarium keeping and tropical freshwater species info, but not specific info about goldfish.
Aquamaniacs  FishBase  Aquaria FAQs
Another good site about fish keeping. Has lots of info about fish.  You can also do a search to find out about a specific species or variety of fish. A veritable plethora of information.  All of the FAQ's were authored by members of rec.aquaria and alt.aquaria
Fish Index Fish Geeks Genesis & Revelations
Very nice site with good info.  Don't forget to visit their forum. Gotta love the name.  Forums are great. No, this is not a Bible site, Genesis is the beginnings of your interest, Revelations is the knowledge that you gain.  Very friendly forum members.

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