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I said Goodbye to another friend today, my Nilent went to see his sister Chichi on Rainbow Bridge today.  I miss him very much.

We don't really know what was wrong with him, we did blood work and exams, and they came back normal.  He just couldn't seem to hold his food, he was eager to eat, it just didn't want to stay down.  Mixing with a lot of water didn't help, switching to baby food didn't help, finally putting in the blender with water helped. But it wasn't enough, he couldn't eat enough to make a difference.  I finally had to feed him with a syringe (no needle) because he was so weak, and he just wasn't able to absorb the nutrition.

He is with his best bud now, he has missed Chichi, and now they are together again.  I however, still wish he was here with me.

I miss you Nilent.


Chichi with her ball

  Click my picture, and see more pics of me!


I lost one of my best friends today.  My Chichi had to be put down due to kidney failure today.  I am heartbroken and feel a little lost right now.  She was a huge part of my life, and without her the world isn't as exciting.  I walk around my house, and I see her all over ... her beds, her toys, water and food dishes, leashes, etc.

I know this pain will lessen over time, but the hurt is still strong.  Both Nilent and I miss her. 


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