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Interest/Obsession from 06/30/2001

Okay, what's up for this week ... hair.  Hair you say, what are you talking about.  Okay, I am specifically talking about long hair, and long hair care.

I have long hair, it is about 3 inches past my waist (35 inches from my hairline), and I want it to grow to the bottom of my rear.  I know there are other people who are interested in long hair care, and who are interested in growing their hair longer.  

My hair might be something of a security blanket, but it is something that I am proud of.  It is healthy and shiny, and I find it much easier to style.  I have had short hair before (shoulder length), and it was such a pain.  I had to style it everyday, and it kept getting in the way.  Now that my hair is longer, it stays behind my back, and if I don't really want to do anything with it, I can stick it in a pony tail, or braid, and it will still look good.

I think long hair is something that will always be in style.  It might go out of fashion now and then, but it always looks stylish.

So, who else gives a darn about long hair care?  Well, check out some of the links below. 

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  The Long Hair Loom  
  is a nice place to visit.  Has a lot of good info as well as a great forum.  
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