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Interest/Obsession from 06/23/2001

Finally got my own domain!  Please bookmark this site, I won't change the url anymore <g>.

Where do you go to get your own domain?  Most inexpensive place I know of to purchase just a domain name is:  GoDaddy.  It's $8.95/year or $6.95/year if you register it for 10 years.

What about a web host to go with it.  Where do you go then?

HostIndex HostSearch FindMyHost
Lists hosts by name, and you can read reviews. You can search for a specific host, and read reviews from current/former customers. Find a host by deciding what you need, and searching for hosts that have the options you want.
Compares several web hosts.    

So, who did I choose?  I chose JaguarPC as they have lots of options at a low price.  I won't use all the available options yet ('cause I don't know how), but I might want to use them in the future.  Their control panel is easy to use, and their documentation is great.  They had this site ready for me within 24 hours, including registering my domain name (They registered my domain for free because I paid for a year of hosting.  If you want to pay for hosting monthly, the domain name is only $9.95).

There are tons of places to host your site, so how do you choose?  Here is what I was looking for:


FrontPage Extensions 100 MB Web Space Money Back Guarantee
I use FrontPage 2000 to create/update my site.  I won't always, but for now, I needed the extensions installed.  When I learn more, I can graduate to a higher end program.

I don't use Frontpage to build my site any longer, but I do use MS Expression Web, the continuation of MS WYSIWYG Web site creation programs.  It was easy to go from one program to another, no hiccups.
I don't know if I will end up using all of this space (I got 200 MB), but it's nice to know that I have the space if I need it.  Who knows, if I keep up with the weekly obsessions, I might use most of the space. Guarantee's are always good.  I might not need to return anything, but it tells me the company stands by their services, and believes that they are good enough not to need the guarantee.
Own Domain Name Static IP Web Control Panel
Well duh, I don't want to have one of those long addresses that no one can remember.  I had that with the free web pages.  I intend to keep this domain name for a long time, so didn't want anything that was too long and confusing. Static IP is good, especially if I want to use any of the advanced options that I have available. To me, this is a necessity.  I want a relatively easy way to look at what I've got here.  What jobs I have running, how much space I am using, and a way to totally control how my site works.
E-mail Accounts E-Mail Forwarding E-Mail Responders
Who knows, I might switch ISP's someday, and I want an email address that will remain static.  I don't want to have to mail out new address e-mails to everyone in my address book, it would be a PITA.  This way, people would always have an address to fall back on. I can always forward email from this domain to another email address if I should so desire.  Also, I can look at one email account, instead of many. I want people to know that I've received their email, and will read it as soon as I come back online.  

I currently only have one responder ... the one for the webmaster address.  I want people to know that I received the email about a problem with this site as soon as they send it.

Own CGI-BIN Data Reporting Tools Monthly Data Transfer
For future times when I might want to add interactivity to this site. Yes, I want to know how many people visit this site.  I want to know what browsers and resolution are most popular, etc.  It helps me figure out what pages are having problems. I want people to be able to view my site, and each time someone views my site, they use up bandwidth.  I don't want some small bandwidth allowance, and then have to pay more if this site becomes popular.

I got much more than that, probably more than I actually needed.  But the price was right, and I was tired of the free hosting problems.  I couldn't really complain, after all, it was free.  Now that I have a paid host, if something goes wrong, I can ask for help (haven't needed it though) and/or complain.

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