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Update:  Dodie went to Rainbow Bridge 8 Aug 2004.  She will be dearly missed.

Beautiful, aren't I?

1986 - 2004

About Me:

I am a white, spayed female domestic shorthair superior feline.  I was born sometime in 1986, and I rule the house hold with an iron paw.  

Now that I am getting older, I can't wash myself as well as I used to, so Ma has to give me a bath (yeech).  It's not too bad, and I like to be blow dried and combed.  I look sssooooo good when I'm done.

How Lisa Got Me:

Okay, this gets a little convoluted, so follow me closely.  Lisa's roommates' mothers' aunts' friend couldn't keep me anymore, so I got passed down to the roommate (didja get that?).  At the time, there were 6 felines in the household, and when she moved out, the roommate asked if Mom wanted to take me (who wouldn't?) so she did.  I have ruled her house hold ever since (although I'm not sure I liked the plane ride from California to Indiana).

What I Like To Do:

I love to great people.  I love to be petted, and sit in people's laps.  I like trying to catch the laser dot, and watching the fish.  I don't try to catch the fish, but I like sitting by the tank.  I also like to sunbathe on my cat perch (I gotta kick Nilent off sometimes).

What I Eat:

I eat Nutro Max and Precise Plus cat food as well as some fresh food.  Mom's food and Cheech's food is great too.  Pork is my absolute favorite, and chicken come's in a close second.  Veggies are okay, but they must be pureed.

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